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ClearCorrect provides a range of some of the best clear aligners in the dental world. They are some of the most reliable options for adults who are facing issues with their teeth such as misalignment, crooked teeth or anything that is bringing down the curve of their beautiful smile. From its outset in 2006, ClearCorrect has carved a niche for itself in numerous dental care facilities and in the smiles of countless people.

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The clear aligners from ClearCorrect are widely used and recommended. Its popularity can be attributed to the following:
  • Their aligners are made from high-quality polyurethane, which is both mechanically and chemically resistant. Wear it and forget about stains and breakage!
  • The timeline of the aligner is elevated to contribute towards stronger and firmer retention.
  • ClearCorrect provides the most transparent clear aligners. They are thinner and also more affordable.
  • You can check out the step-by-step procedure of the 3D creation of your aligner through your PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • You have the provision to pick yoclear aligner ur as per your requirements. Flex lets you purchase just the number of aligners that you need. Unlimited let you get as many aligners as you desire for the next 5 years.
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How does the ClearCorrect treatment work?

The ClearCorrect treatment is undoubtedly one of the best means to correct your dental discrepancies. Both adults and older teenagers can avail a foolproof, technologically advanced and easy-to-use aligner through ClearCorrect. The preference for these aligners stems from the simplicity of all the procedures involved in getting you your very own ClearCorrect aligner. When you visit us, you may expect to see your participation in the following steps:

  • A consultation with our dentist lets you voice the dental concerns that have been bothering you and we help you decide on the best ClearCorrect option for you
  • We ditch all the traditional and messy putty methods to get an impression of your oral cavity. Instead, ClearCorrect uses advanced digital scanning methods to form an interactive 3D model of your teeth. You get the feasibility of literally viewing the design of your customised clear aligner.
  • Your own clear aligner is there at your disposal for usage. We help you put it in and test for any discrepancies.
  • We understand that it takes time to get used to an aligner. We provide unconditional support throughout the course of the preparation as well as usage of the
    We are tied with ClearCorrect and this partnership has resulted in us successfully catering to the clear aligner requirements of all who have chosen us.
  • Want to sport the uber transparent ClearCorrect aligner? Speak to us today and give a facelift to your smile that will last forever!

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