Traditional Braces in Melbourne

Traditinal Braces in Melbourne

Traditional braces are made of high-quality steel that is made into brackets that are mounted on each tooth with the help of dental cement. Then a flexible and thin archwire is used to connect each bracket. Finally, the interaction between the bracket and the arch-wire is sealed using ligatures or the o-rings.

The traditional braces are to be worn 24×7 throughout the course of treatment. These braces are effective in correcting malocclusion, the gap between the teeth and misalignments.

After the treatment is completed, the orthodontist may prescribe wearing retainers for a short period of time to fixate the new teeth alignments. The retainers do not interfere with regular day-to-day activities and are relatively easy to maintain.

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Types of braces
  • Metal/Traditonal braces
  • Ceramic Braces
  • Lingual Braces
  • Invisalign

What are traditional braces: What do they consist of

Traditional braces have three main components to it, they are:
  • Bracket: A metal structure that is cemented at the centre of teeth. They serve the purpose of holding the metal arch-wire in position.
  • Arch-wire: A very flexible wire that is responsible for aligning the teeth. The wire passes through each bracket.
  • Ligature: To hold bracket and arch-wire assembly, ligature is used. It is a rubber band that positions and keeps in place the brackets and supports the process of alignment. Ligatures are also responsible for making braces colourful.

How do traditional braces work to align your teeth

  • Traditional braces consist of three components: the bracket, the arch-wire and ligature.
    Traditional braces work by subjecting your teeth to uniform pressure over a period of time so that teeth align themselves in the direction of pressure. The arch-wire is a flexible, high-quality stainless stress wire that is clamped to the braces. The arch-wire has the tendency to get back to its original form. As it tries to get its original shape back, brackets connect the pressure and teeth to cause alignment. The ligatures keep the bracket-wire assembly together.

How long will it take for the traditional braces to work?

  • The duration of treatment is exclusive to how much alignment your teeth require. The treatment usually lasts a year followed by years of retainers to ensure your teeth remain in place.

At Melbourne Dental Family Care Australia, our team of experts is focused on bringing the best results from the course of traditional braces treatment. The traditional braces used by us are high-quality and will not wear off easily. We also provide mouth rash relief creams to make the initial days of your treatment easy.

Our experts understand the initial discomfort that comes with traditional braces and we are always open to any query or need that you have about the treatment.

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