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Dentures are a removable framework of artificial teeth that fit into the jaw to replace missing teeth. When all the teeth are lost, it not just takes away the natural smile but also sags the facial muscles and makes eating a challenging affair.

They are prepared by taking a precise impression of the teeth, gums, jaw and they also take facial features into account. We put a lot of focus on the face and the profile to make the dentures fit in easily and appear natural. More importantly, we see that the smile comes with no effort.

Dentures, unlike other dental fixtures, can become a long-term part of your life. As such, these fixtures gain a monumental amount of importance for dental hospitals and patients alike.

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Here’s what you can gain out of dentures:

  • Maintains the shape and structure of your face: The structure of your jawbone plays a vital role in how your face looks. Missing teeth can totally disorient that jawbone structure. In accordance, it completely alters the way you look. The design parameters behind a denture takes your facial geometry into account and ensures that your jawbone stays in its original spatial location.
  • You can indulge in your favourite foods: A toothless mouth severely limits your consumption of food in many ways. Using a denture lets you gorge on whatever you want to, without fearing pain or other dental issues.
  • Helps you reclaim your lost smile: Loss or teeth shuts down any chances of you sporting a wide and happy grin. Getting conscious of something as simple as a smile in your happy moments can be frustrating and sad. Thankfully, dentures let you showcase a wide smile.
  • They can be removed at will: The best part about dentures is that you don’t always have to put them on.
  • Natural looking and light: Let’s bust those myths about dentures being difficult to maintain and aesthetically obvious. Because they are not! Dentures not only look like natural teeth, but also feel natural. You would even forget that you have put on dentures!
Getting accustomed to dentures takes a while. It is perfectly natural. We schedule an appropriate number of follow-up appointments to examine the adjustment and positioning of the dentures. We also help in the proper cleaning and repair if dentures at a convenient cost.

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