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A dental implant is a screw-shaped metallic fixture that is surgically bonded to your jawbone. It acts as a base for mounting artificial teeth in a sturdy and natural way.

Dental implants are widely regarded as the strongest and safest teeth replacement procedure available. Not only do they feel and look completely natural, but they also preserve the health of the neighbouring teeth. Dental implant cases are one of the most specialised areas for dental surgeons.

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These fixtures are popular for the many benefits they provide, which are listed below:

  • Is made to suit your natural teeth: Your dental implants can be customised in terms of shape and size to go in sync with your natural teeth. Even after fixture, your teeth feels just as firm and stable as before. No one can even make out which of your teeth contain implants.
  • Restores natural jaw functionality and prevents loss of bone: The inclusion of dental implants does not interfere with the natural motion and functioning of the jaw by any means. This is due to the fact the dental implant placement does not call for the loss of bone mass. In fact, implants are the only dental replacement means that offer this advantage!
  • Does not alter your biting abilities: Most dental replacement procedures hamper your bite force and abilities to an appreciable extent. However, the nature of fitting that implants provide render absolutely no change in the teeth’s natural biting characteristics.
  • Does not change your facial appearance: The support provision for dental implants makes no changes in the orientation or movement of your jaw, and as such, does not change the shape of your face. Your face appears just like before with an ever better smile!
  • Maintains natural speech: The very feeling of dental modifications in your mouth can interfere with your natural speech. Since dental implants are perfectly natural and do not give the sensation of any form of obstruction in your mouth, they do not affect your natural speech in any manner whatsoever.
  • Hardly requires any maintenance: There are no specialised requirements to take care of dental implants. Simply brushing your teeth regularly and maintaining oral hygiene just like you did with your natural teeth is more than enough to maintain implants. What a relief for you and your dental hygienist!
We ensure that the dentures and crowns mounted on the implants are fixed firmly enough to not shift during regular activities such as eating or speaking. Our dental implants periodontist will go the extra mile to make the entire fixture feel as natural as possible. Additionally, we provide suitable guidance on how to maintain good oral hygiene so as to ensure the efficiency of the implant fixtures. Our dental implants are truly the best in Melbourne and Australia in general!

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