Root Canal Treatment Melbourne

Root Canal Treatment Melbourne

A “root canal” is not exactly a treatment but part of the tooth. It is a hollow in structure tooth that contains nerve tissues, blood vessels and pulp. This tooth has its roots in the jawbone. By virtue of bacterial attack, the pulp gets affected. The rotting of pulp and nerve tissue is often what calls for endodontic therapy or as popularly known as the root canal treatment.

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Root Canal Dentist Melbourne CBD | Root Canal Treatment Melbourne & VIC
The benefits of getting a root canal treatment done are:
  • Prevents tooth infection from spreading
  • Saves jawbone from degradation
  • Visually, the treatment goes unnoticed

Steps in a Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic therapy):

There are usually four steps in a Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic therapy) and the treatment is usually performed in two dental visits.

  • Step 1: Local anaesthesia is administered in the numb tooth using a needle. The endodontist will then place a dental dam to isolate the tooth from the rest, clean and dry during the course of the procedure.
  • Step 2: The endodontist then proceeds with small tools (for precision) comprising of small drill that help in accurately accessing insides of the tooth by creating an opening at the top of the tooth. Small files are then used to remove the damaged and diseases pulp from the insides. The same file is used to shape the inner chamber of the root to eliminate harsh edges. A water spray is shot to clear the tooth of any debris and pulps. To prevent sudden bacterial attack on the exposed tooth opening, an antimicrobial solution is introduced to the chamber.
  • Step 3: Upon proper cleansing and drying of the tooth, the dentist will place a gutta percha to fill the space till the final crown or filling is ready.
  • Step 4: The endodontist may choose to put crown on the tooth, which might take a week to come (it is custom made for every patient) or if the doctor chooses to fill the chamber will Amalgam, it will happen in the next visit.
At Melbourne Dental Family Care Australia, we employ the latest technology and methods in Australia to treat root canal and use high quality & safe fillers. To restore the normal function-ability of the tooth, we provide crown(s) and keep a regular tab on how the patient is recovering from the treatment.

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