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As a parent, it is obvious that you may feel the need of having a kids dentistry who can take care of your child’s oral health. A child’s teeth start growing at the age of six months and they need attention to prevent teeth overlapping or the worst, cavities. By age 6-7, kids start losing their milk teeth and permanent teeth begin to grow.

While it is important to prevent crowding, it is also essential to inspect for any underlying dental oral health issues like dental caries, a type of infection that affects a huge population of children.

With special attention to Teenagers, we also expertise in providing them the best smile for their teenage years and more. Our brand partnerships with Invisalign, ClearCorrect, and Myobrace equips us to tackle all types of jawbone development and improper teeth alignment issues. At Melbourne Dental Family Care, through our children’s dentistry service, we take care of your kid’s oral health needs in such a way that they won’t be scared and will be comfortable throughout the procedure.

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At Melbourne Dental Family Care Melbourne, we perform all-round check-ups to analyse the risks of developing any dental problems that can hamper oral hygiene and health.
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The various paediatric dental procedures offered at Shaorn Chui Dental Clinic Australia include:
  • Performing infant oral health exams
  • Habit counselling
  • Tooth Cavity Treatment
  • Dental Mucoceles
  • Taking care of gum health to prevent the onset of pediatric periodontal diseases.

Paediatric Dental Services provided at Melbourne Dental Family Care Melbourne

  • Risk assessment exam for infants and mothers to detect presence of dental caries causing bacteria
  • Repair and restoration of dental cavities and decay
  • Care for dental injuries such as displaced tooth, knocked-out tooth and even fracture
  • Jawbone development assistance by using technologies like Myobrace
  • Assessment to prevent growth of misaligned teeth
  • Care for gum diseases such as short frenulae, ulcers and mucoceles
  • Early diagnosis of oral conditions that have relations with diabetes, hyperactivity disorder, asthma, congenital heart defect and even hay fever
  • Emergency Paediatric dental services
The practice of brining your child right from a young age to a childrens dentistry for regular check-ups has got many benefits that play vital role in the progression of their oral health and hygiene management. As a parent, you not only put emphasis on easing the fear of seeing a kids dentistry on regular intervals but also encourage them to practice healthy practice that prevent any oral issues from surfacing.
With our expert Paediatric Dental Services offered in Australia, you can be assured that the oral health and hygiene of your infant and teenager is in good hands. We specialise in providing the best child dental care facilities. With our staff trained to make your visit comfortable, be rest assured that your worries will break away into a smile with your child’s best smile!

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