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We understand the cultural diversity of Australia. While there might be people who prefer modern dental practices over traditional practices any day but there will also be people who still believe in the fact that overall wellness begins from the mouth.

Also known as biological dentistry, stands its ground as an alternative medicine option that focuses on mind, body, and not just repairing and restoring aspects of teeth. The practice is widespread in approaches and does not appreciate the use of amalgam in dental fillings and that bacteria that caused root canal must be treated to prevent further decaying and damage.

While our state of the art technologies serves all, we have also taken special care to include Holistic Dentistry to serve people in Australia who prefer the old, traditional ways of getting dental procedures done. Our practicing holistic dentists and hygienists are well trained to handle complicated cases.

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Our goal is to make sure with advances in technology and technique

At Melbourne Dental Family Care Melbourne, we perform all-round check-ups to analyse the risks of developing any dental problems that can hamper oral hygiene and health.

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Why Holistic Dentistry in Melbourne, Australia
  • A Holistic Dentistry focusses on overall well-being of the human body and it is believed that everything starts from the mouth (oral health). The practice does not encourages the use of amalgam for filling and fluoride for any dental purposes. It is believed that such treatments provide temporary solutions and the infection causing bacteria can resurface again with more resistance.
  • Instead, the holistic dentistry preaches to extract the tooth to prevent spread and growth of bacteria. The practice also stresses over eating the right food to stay healthy and keep disease away with a strengthened immune system.

The various benefits of Holistic Dentistry includes:

  • Holistic Approach concerns with the functioning of body. It is believed that poor health will result in poor oral hygiene
  • Holistic dentistry does not uses amalgam filling (which has 50% Mercury, a toxic substance). The practice rather tries restoration or eradicates the problem by plucking out the teeth
  • Our Holistic dentists and hygienists do not use fluoride for dental treatments
  • We check biocompatibility of your body with fillings to give you the best dental filling procedure
  • The philosophy of Holistic Dentistry does not encourages the use of painkillers
At Melbourne Dental Family Care Australia, we believe that proper nutrition and care can help in the reversal of any disintegrating dental disease. Dental fillers used by us are free from toxins and are absolutely safe even after years of staying put in the gap. We also treat gum diseases at their biological roots to prevent any chances of resurgence.

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Our team has expert professionals who are immensely experienced for several years.

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