Dental Check-up and Clean in Melbourne

Dental Check-up and Clean in Melbourne

General dentistry services includes using technologically advanced equipments and tools to perform radiographs or X-rays as a part of inspection to ascertain condition of oral health and fathom the possibility of dental health issues’ occurrence.

During the course of check-up if our dentist and dental hygienist gets traces of an underlying dental problem, the dentist make it a point to explain the condition and prescribe suitable treatment options.

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At Melbourne Dental Family Care, we perform all-round check-ups to analyse the risks of developing any dental problems that can hamper oral hygiene and health.
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Dental check-up is done to evaluate:
  •  Overall oral hygiene and health
  •  The need for tooth replacement or restoration
  •  Need for removal of stains and deposits
  •  Underlying bite and jaw issues
  •  Risk of developing tooth decay, root decay and gum decay

The various dental procedures include:

Dental X-ray: Getting X-ray examinations done is not common for every dental check-up. The procedure is usually done on sections of mouth to accurately diagnose underlying dental problems that might not be visible during normal dental checkups.

Based on your dental history, the dentist will suggest getting an X-ray done. Your dentist may even consider taking an X-ray to follow-up recovery procedure after an accident.

Oral Cancer Exam: A dentist or hygienist will perform oral cancer exam on your mouth to detect presence of precancerous cells. This usually includes looking for the presence of red or white sores in the insides of the mouth. During the examination, the dentist or the hygienist will inspect area under the jaws, sides of neck, sides of tongue, roof and floor of your mouth and even insides of lips and cheeks to identify any cancerous growth.

Melbourne Dental Family Care encourages its patients to undergo Oral Cancer Examination every year regardless of their healthy lifestyle habits. The examination takes few minutes but can be the first step towards living a better life.

Dental Impressions: Bite and jaw alignment are two important factors that are often neglected when a patient is indulging in daily dental practices. A dentist or hygienist will consider taking your dental impression to briefly study how your jaws are aligning as well as the bite. This procedure is done to make trays by replicating the exact impression of your teeth.

Usually, a general dental cleaning procedure includes:
  • Cleaning: Even with regular brushing and flossing, the chances of plaque hardening is inevitable. Only dental cleaning done by a professional dentist or dental hygienist can thoroughly clean and remove hardened plaque (also known as calculus or tartar).Usually, the dentist or the dental hygienist will use traditional tools and equipments to perform necessary clean-up procedures. Alternatively, ultrasonic scalers are used for deeper dental cleaning purposes.
  • Polishing: After the thorough cleaning, polishing is the next step to remove plaque and stains from the tooth surface. This dental procedure is essential to preserve enamel. A polish that has gentle abrasives and fluoride in it is applied on a smallhand-held equipment that rotates and polishes your teeth.
  • Prevention: Your smile is valued. So after the cleaning procedure has completed, the dentist or the dental hygienist will spell out instructions that will better your oral health and hygiene practices that is followed at home. The professional will also schedule the next appointment to ensure routine cleaning.
    At Melbourne Dental Family Care, our team of experts puts their expertise to work and perform treatments on patients that will be effective in improving their condition. We aim at providing a treatment plan that will be exclusive to an individual’s problem.

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