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Your smile can be hampered not just by discolouration, but also by teeth disfigurement. No matter how white and shiny your teeth are, disfigured teeth can ruin your entire smile.

Dental veneers are ideal for not just covering up the disfigured teeth, but to also appear as completely natural teeth. These are basically thin covers made up of porcelain or resin, that are shaped like the frontal surface of a tooth. It exactly adheres onto the contour of the surface of the tooth and address a wide range of dental issues such as teeth staining, chipping, gap between the teeth and misaligned arrangement.

In this cosmetic dental procedure, a certain amount of enamel is extracted from the teeth, through which a mould is made. The impression obtained from the mould helps in making a porcelain veneer.

Another procedure uses a resin composite filling material bonded over the surface of the teeth after enamel extraction. A special high intensity light is used to harden this material. The hardened composite is then polished and chiselled to form the veneer.

Usually, the porcelain dental veneers are more popular. Regardless of the nature of the material, dental veneers are highly employed in dental hospitals and give a wide range of benefits

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Dental veneers are highly employed in Australia’s dental clinics and they have a wide range of benefits which include the following:

  • Versatility in application: Dental veneers can cover anything from chips, cracks to discolouration. They offer a simplistic way to address a multitude of poblems that make your smile look natural all over again. Your teeth even functions like nothing has ever happened!
  • Minimum extraction of enamel: The preparation phase for dental veneers involves the extraction of some amount of enamel that serves as a mould for the veneer’s structure. Enamel cannot be restored and the administration of dental veneers involves the removal of little amount of enamel when compared to something like crowns. This enamel extraction is important not just for the mould preparation, but also to ensure that your treated teeth don’t end up looking oversized and awkward.
  • Dental veneers can be extremely durable: Under proper care and maintenance, dental veneers can actually last really long, as long as a decade!
  • Low maintenance: Unlike the enamel, dental veneers are non-porous. This makes them highly resistant to stains when compared to the enamel. Simple care for your veneers such as brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing and frequent dental check-up can help you maintain your dental veneers without any hassles.

We concentrate on all the minute details regarding the amount of enamel extracted, preparation of the surface and thickness of the veneer, and the placement of the veneer over the teeth in question. The methodological approach gives a natural-looking and bright smile that is made possible by our dental veneers.

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