The 7 Ways To Avoid A Swelling If You Are Getting A Tooth Extraction In Melbourne

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No, there is no way around a tooth extraction.

If you need it, you need it.

There is no escaping it.

But after you have just undergone a tooth extraction there are plenty of ways to subside the swelling that is seen.
And if you need a tooth extraction from a relatively cheap dentist Melbourne, then look no further than Melbourne Dental Family Care.

Visiting A Dental Clinic Melbourne for A Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction does not have to be painful but comes with its own set of issues. The bonus is that after the extraction, you can have all the ice cream you wish! But the numbness and swelling do take a toll on your routine in the days following the extraction.

There Are Several Reasons Why You May Have To Get A Tooth Extraction Melbourne!

These are:

  • Crowding of teeth
  • Wisdom teeth causing pain
  • Orthodontic treatment such as braces at a dental clinic Melbourne
  • In case of broken teeth or teeth that are not fully erupted
  • In case of teeth that are too far decayed
  • In case the tooth cannot be accessed

Here is How You Can Avoid The Swelling Post A Tooth Extraction Melbourne!


General dentistry Melbourne recommends that you drink plenty of fluids after tooth extraction. The nerves are exposed and thus crunchy food or solids of any kind will tend to hurt the exposed and delicate gums. If the area hurts more than expected, reach out to an emergency dentist in Melbourne!

Ice Packs Can Help

Place an ice pack on the cheek on the side of the extracted tooth. This will help prevent swelling and also ease the pain that you may experience after your tooth has been extracted.

Do Not Avoid Brushing Completely

Dentistry in Melbourne does not recommend stopping to brush your teeth after tooth extraction. You can continue to brush, but take extra caution not to run the brush over the sensitive area. This is important as brushing will remove germs present in the mouth, and prevent further infection.

Switch To Heat

Often it is a scene for confusion about when heat should be used and when cold. A golden rule about general dentistry in Melbourne is that cold should be applied immediately after the extraction.
The swelling peaks in a few days after the extraction and that is when heat should be applied to the area. Mild heat will ensure that the blood vessels near the area of the extraction expand and allow healing faster. Do not go in for extreme heat as the area is still sensitive.

Rest, Rest and Rest!

As cliche as it is, rest is much needed after a surgery or tooth extraction. If you get back into the groove of your hectic schedule as soon as your tooth has been extracted, it is a possibility that the blood clots will come loose as they work to heal the area.

In order to avoid having to contact an emergency dentist in Melbourne, rest is the best way to help the tooth heal.

Go To A Cheap But Good Dentist in Melbourne!

Though a tooth extraction will have some amount of swelling, this depends a great deal on the method of the extraction.

The more professional the technique, the lesser the swelling. Melbourne Dental Family Care has a team of the best professionals who know the exact techniques that your set of teeth need.

If you are wanting to go in for a cheap dentist in Melbourne but one that will do its job thoroughly well, this is your best bet.

Rinse With Saltwater

Rinsing the mouth with salt water serves two purposes. One is that it acts as an antibacterial that keeps germs away from the surgery site. The second is that it helps in reducing the swelling to a certain extent.
A simple but effective way of dealing with post-extraction complications!

If Anything Unprecedented, Reach Out To An Emergency Dentist in Melbourne!

While swelling is normal, if there is a sharp pain or any other sign of something wrong, you should seek medical assistance. Melbourne Dental Family Care is a cheap and economical dentist in Melbourne that will give you the best care should you have any problem at all following a tooth extraction.

Our team of dentists is experienced, approachable and well-equipped to deal with any concerns you may have. If you need to get a tooth extraction done, we can help! In addition, if you have swelling post-extraction, we can help with that too.

Whatever your dental concerns, Melbourne Dental Family Care can assist. Book your appointment today!