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A dental bridge is meant to fill in the gap created between teeth. It consists of crowns fitted on either side of the gap through anchoring attachments known as abutment teeth. These attachments help in fixing the crowns onto the implants.

There is a false tooth called pontic, that is fixed between the crowns. The crowns along with the pontic make up the dental bridge. The entire framework of the dental bridge is supported by the neighbouring teeth and implants.

Dental bridges may essentially be false teeth, but their range of benefits are very natural and impressive.

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Here are the various benefits you can derive out of the usage of dental bridges:

  • Smile restoration: Dental bridges upgrade your smile and make you feel more confident. Missing teeth puts a definitive constraint on your smile and way of life, but dental bridges help you smile without shedding any worries whatsoever.
  • Promotes better chewing: Missing teeth pose a huge hindrance in chewing food. Having your daily meals can get extremely difficult and even painful! These issues usually arise out of food particles getting stuck in the spaces or the surrounding teeth actually shifting into the available space. Dental bridges is one of the best dental treatment to take care of this. It helps you enjoy your favourite food with absolutely no hindrance.
  • Makes speaking easier: Your teeth play a vital role in pronouncing several words and speaking. Loss of teeth impairs proper speech to a large extent. The use of dental bridges ensures that you have no problem in forming words and speaking fluently.
  • Stops the shifting of teeth: The teeth are held in place not just by the roots and gums, but also the nearby teeth. Under the event of missing teeth, the nearby teeth tend to move into the gap available. Dental bridges help to keep the nearby teeth in place and avoid their shifting.
  • Maintains your natural facial shape and features: When you lose a tooth, the cells in your jawbone no longer experience the same amount of activity as before. As such, your jawbone and facial features and shape may worsen. The inclusion of dental bridges keeps the jawbone in its position and avoids the instability caused by missing teeth.
We take special efforts to make the bridge firm but comfortable. We also take car all the components of the bridge look completely natural and to pose no problems in biting.

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