Here Is How You Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy During Childrens Dental Health Month. A Dental Checkup In Melbourne Saves The Day!

The best dental clinic in Melbourne will get those baby teeth shining again

The Covid- 19 pandemic was harsh with its wide-spread effects. But there was one profession that seems to be recouping even now from the disaster. 


Due to the proximity of patients to the dentist and the touch involved, dentist clinics in Melbourne were avoided during the pandemic. 

Who suffered as a result?


While adults and kids had to bear the pain and opt not to go to a dentist even when a toothache wreaked havoc, dentistry has a great role to play in children’s developmental years and this effect was evident during the pandemic. 

Why do children absolutely need to go for a dental checkup in Melbourne from time-to-time?

Children are not born with a permanent set of teeth. The milk teeth are extremely delicate and important for the upcoming permanent set of teeth. It is estimated that by the age of 5, at least 50% of kids have at least 1 cavity.  

This February, National Children’s Dental Health Month is celebrated worldwide. We, Melbourne Dental Family Care – a dental clinic in Melbourne, take this opportunity to impart expert advice on why your child’s teeth deserve special attention. For a dental checkup cost in Melbourne, reach out to us. 

This dental clinic in Melbourne considers baby teeth very important

Baby teeth are important. 


But you already knew that, didn’t you? 

As adults, we often assume that however good or bad our baby teeth, at least we have a better set coming along. It isn’t that simple. 

The baby teeth have several important roles to play and set the premise for the permanent set of teeth that are on their way. 

Take special care of your baby teeth, recommends this dental clinic in Melbourne

Here is why those baby teeth need special attention:

  • The temporary teeth act as space savers for the permanent teeth. 
  • If a baby tooth falls off much before a permanent one can erupt from the gum, other teeth may encroach upon this space.
  • This can lead to crowding of teeth.
  • This will further lead to cavities and you would be frantic to get teeth cleaning in Melbourne done. 

This Children’s Dental Health month, visit the best dental clinic in Melbourne

Yes, Covid-19 was a tough time for most of us. 

We understand that you have borne pain and toothaches and all the other troubles that happened while the world was on lockdown. 

But not anymore. 

Melbourne Dental Family Care is now here to make it all better. Here is what we aim to do to take care of your child’s set of teeth – baby or permanent. We consider all precious. Here is how you can take optimum care of your child’s teeth:

Start early, recommend the experts at our dental clinic in Melbourne

Most parents are concerned whether flossing should be done in the early years. 

Yes, it should.

Once your kid turns 2, a tiny bit of toothpaste can be taken on a toothbrush with soft bristles and flossing can be done. The back teeth deserve special attention as they are more prone to cavities. 

Here are the benefits of flossing your kids baby teeth that our dental clinic experts in Melbourne highly trust in:

  • Polishes the sides of the teeth all around to keep them shining.
  • Hels get rid of the tartar.
  • Helps prevent tooth decay.
  • Fends off bad breath. 

Once you take care of these aspects, you can rest assured your child will not be needing teeth cleaning in Melbourne frequently. 

Another thing to remember is never to put your toddler to bed with a milk bottle. The sweetened milk forms a film on the teeth and leaves them prone to infection. 

Hygiene is crucial, Covid-19 or not! 

Yes. While the world has begun to obsess about hygiene standards ever since the advent of the pandemic, why not continue these even after the pandemic blows over? 

Your mouth can be a feasting place for bacteria and germs since they love food as much as you do. Maintaining good oral hygiene is of extreme importance and this is how you can have your personal teeth cleaning in Melbourne:

  • Brush your teeth after every meal! Yes! Put those germs in their rightful place outside your mouth. 
  • The ideal time that your brushing should last is 2 minutes. Sing a song if you must in your head to keep track of the time.
  • Rinse your mouth for 30 seconds to ward off the bacteria.

For more on teeth cleaning cost in Melbourne, check here. 

Do not miss out on your dental checkups in Melbourne anymore!

We understand you have had concerns and stayed away from the dentists for a while now. But not anymore! 

Get your dental checkup on track. Get details about dental checkup costs in Melbourne. 

If you are reluctant to visit the dentist, here is something that may help:

  • Check local infection rates to see if your town and city are safe or a hotspot for Covid-19. 
  • Check to see which dental clinics are following all sanitation and hygiene protocols. Melbourne Dental Family care does. 
  • It is advisable to keep your dental care in check even in the midst of the pandemic. In fact, it is of prime importance. 

What is your take on this? 

Do you feel safe enough to come to see us for your dental worries?

We assure you you have nothing to worry about as far as hygiene protocols are concerned. We at Melbourne Dental Family Care are going to lengths to ensure that your oral care is in the best hands. 

Do not bear the pain in silence. A toothache today could turn into a root canal treatment tomorrow if not paid proper medical attention. 
Take charge of your oral health and leave it to the experts.