Zoom teeth Whitening Melbourne

Zoom Teeth Whitening Melbourne

Teeth discolouration can happen simply through consumption of beverages, smoking or ageing. Such common habits lead to the development of a stubborn and visible stains on the surface of the teeth. Stained teeth cannot be dealt with brushing alone. It calls for rigorous methods such as bleaching. This is where dental bleaching techniques such as the zoom teeth whitening come in.

Zoom teeth whitening melbourne is a highly effective dental bleaching process that includes the application of a hydrogen peroxide gel on your teeth and the passage of a special high intensity light beam through the oral cavity to trigger the whitening process. Hydrogen peroxide is inherently a bleaching agent that effectively withdraws germs and persistent stains from the surface of the teeth. The subsequent disintegration of hydrogen peroxide leads to the bleaching action that whitens the stained surfaces of the teeth.

The bleaching action of hydrogen peroxide in itself is not sufficient to completely erode away the stains. This bleaching action is activated by a special zoom light beam that triggers the bleaching functionality of hydrogen peroxide. The white light is also intense enough to improve the whiteness of the teeth and make your smile brighter.

While the procedure typically last for an hour, it also calls for prior evaluation and cleaning of the teeth in order to get the oral cavity prepared for the bleaching action. For instance, the gums and the rest of the mouth should be covered from the hydrogen peroxide bleach.

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Zoom teeth whitening melbourne offers various benefits that include:

  • Quick results: Despite the fact that zoom whitening is an advanced dental procedure, it is surprisingly quick. After preparation, the entire bleaching action takes only an hour. You can pass the entire duration by simply using your mobile phone or listening to music. It is that simple!
  • Appropriate for sensitive teeth: Having sensitive teeth should not rule you out from the zoom teeth whitening procedure. Neither the hydrogen peroxide gel nor the light beam from the zoom whitening lamp will bother your sensitive teeth. Some patients do tend to experience zingers or a wee bit of discomfort. But these are very tolerable and will not cause you any form of lagging pain or discomfort. A small price to pay for ultimate teeth whitening!
In one single session of zoom teeth whitening, your teeth can be whitened up to 8 shades! It is literally an hour of relaxing as you sit back and let our expert cosmetic dentist zoom the brightness of your beautiful natural smile! Wee take immense care and exercise caution in getting your teeth ready for the procedure. We ensure that the entire hour of bleaching goes in a relaxed and comfortable way. In the end, we also guide you with suitable follow-up to get the best out of this powerful teeth whitening procedure. A suitable zoom teeth whitening kit is also provided.
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Teeth whitening Melbourne
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