The Myobrace® Dental System Treatment by Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) in Melbourne, Australia

Myofunctional Research Co, (MRC) Melbourne encourages and supplements the needs of having more biologically based myofunctional pre-orthodontic treatments instead of using mechanical methods. With the wide range of available modalities to give an address to the fundamental causes of dental abnormalities like malocclusion and dysfunction of the airways. The Myobrace®  Myofuncitonal orthodontic systems include a range of treatment solutions that can treat children aged between 3-15 years for habit and airway correction, dental alignment and arch expansion along with dedicated retention methods to preserve the dental changes during growth years into teenage and adulthood. 

The MRC works by targeting aetiological factors that carry the potential to cause malocclusion. The biological appliances aim to correct any poor myofunctional practice that is affecting the teeth, jawbones as well as facial development. The biological appliances create room for proper development of teeth and the formation of facial features.

Melbourne Dental Family Care Melbourne, Australia offers the best MRC Myobrace® appliance solutions for that beautiful life-long smile!

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How MRC Appliance work to properly align your teeth, induce proper jaw development and mouth breathing treatments

Ever since its establishment in 1989, MRC has conducted myofunctional habit correction by nailing the use of the single-sized and pre-fabricated dental appliance in children who are still undergoing growth. This was introduced to improve jaw development during growth years. The MRC adopted method is used to ensure proper teeth alignment without the use of dental braces. Such corrections are made by paying attention to precise nasal breathing, retention of oral muscles and improving tongue resting positions.

Myobrace®  achieves this by a light application of forces on the teeth so that they align in their correct and natural position. With a wide range of biological dental treatments and appliances, Myobrace® can be worn for 1-2 hours a day and overnight while the child sleeps.

Each dentition can be treated by using suitable MRC Myobrace® appliances that come in various variants to best suit the user.

Wondering why your child should get it?

  • It improves overall oral health conditions
  • Myobrace helps in proper jaw development of the child
  • Promotes healthy eating habits right from a young age
  • Prevents crooked teeth from happening
  • Ensures correct facial development
  • Improves the overall health of the child
The stages of correction with Myobrace
There are four sages of using Myobrace, these are:
  • Habit correction
  • Arch development
  • Dental alignment
  • Retention

While a child undergoes teeth alignment correction and jaw development procedure via Myobrace, it is important to undergo all four stages (or as necessary) to ensure 100% efficiency and lasting.

Let us have a look at how each stage impacts a child’s oral health

Habit correction: Regardless of how comfortable Myobrace is, it is essential to develop habits in kids to get the best out of their treatment period. The first stage of Myobrace involves teaching the patient to shift from breathing through the nose instead of the mouth, keep the lips together when not eating or talking and resting the tongue in the right position. Once the patient consciously practices these oral habits, it gets easier to put them on the Myobrace course. With the changes in oral health practices and Myobrace, proper development of the jaw and teeth alignment is achieved. When undergone properly, Myobrace eliminates the future possibility of getting braces.

Arch Development: The arch in the upper makes room for straight growth of teeth and tongue resting position. Kids over the age of 7 years with an underdeveloped jaw are prescribed to use Myobrace with other wiring techniques that induce proper jaw development. Lack of space in the upper jaw can have health effects ranging from frequent headaches to mood swings in kids. Such underdevelopment also opens room for plaque to solidify in gaps that are unreachable with a brush.

Dental Alignment: During the teenage years, permanent teeth replace milk teeth. To ensure straight growth and alignment of permanent teeth, Myobrace® for Teens can be used.

Myobrace comes with the freedom to be removed whenever the patient wants but this virtue comes with the responsibility to wear them sincerely before exercising untimed removal.

Retention: Once teeth alignment using Myobrace is complete, it is crucial to retain the alignment. Traditional aligners are cemented in line with teeth and are kept to retain shape for an indefinite period of time. This is done to prevent relapse from happening.

Myobrace, on the other hand, offers more orthodontically stable results.

At Melbourne Dental Family Care Australia, we understand dental concerns of every parent. W provide the best in town Myobrace that is safe and does not causes discomfort to your child.

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