4 General Dentistry Services One Can Expect At The Best Dental Clinic Melbourne

Researchers around the world have found that the practice of dentistry dates back to 7000 BC!


The modern form of dentistry, as we know it, did not come into existence until the 1900s.

Today we have dentists for every single of our oral health problems but till date, general dentistry is the one most sought after. 

What is general dentistry?

Our general dentists are dedicated to offering highly personalised, preventive and restorative dental services that are put in place after complete dental check-up and x-rays (whenever needed). With fine cavity fillings, teeth cleaning and root canal treatments, we ensure that your oral health is impeccable regardless of your age. With a wide range of treatments and procedures, Melbourne Dental Family Clinic ensures you are at your smiling best, always. 

General dentistry at Melbourne Dental Family Care takes care of your overall oral health. Not only we offer expert general dentistry services, but our state of the art clinics can also take care of any dental complications efficiently. 

This blog explores 4 top services that come under general dentistry Melbourne!

4 Top General Dentistry Services at Melbourne Dental Family Clinic

  1. Dental checkup and teeth cleaning Melbourne can bank upon

Dental checkup:

A dental checkup is crucial for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. At a dental checkup, we evaluate the overall oral health for:

  1. Oral health and hygiene.
  2. Need for restoration or replacement of teeth.
  3. Presence of stains and plaque deposits.
  4. Bite and jaw issues.
  5. Presence of tooth, root or gum decay.

Teeth cleaning:

Regular brushing and flossing play an essential role in maintaining good oral health. However, even a thorough cleaning at home cannot wholly avoid the hardening of plaque. 

To ensure complete safety against plaque and oral diseases, one must visit a dental clinic for teeth cleaning Melbourne where the cleaning the carried out professionally in 3 steps:

Step 1: Cleaning: A thorough cleaning of teeth is done with the help of special dental tools and cleaning procedures.

Step 2: Polishing: A polish that has gentle abrasives and fluoride in it is used to remove plaque and stain depositions without harming the enamel.

Step 3: Prevention: You are guided with a daily routine to help prevent oral problems. 

During the check-up, if our dentists and dental hygienist get traces of an underlying dental problem, the dentist makes it a point to explain your dental condition and prescribe the most suitable treatment options.

  1. Tooth extraction Melbourne

A tooth extraction could be in order due to the following reasons:

  1. To reduce crowding in the mouth and make space for proper alignment of dentures, braces or Invisalign.
  2. Removal of milk teeth to make room for a permanent one.
  3. Removal of unhealthy tooth/teeth gone bad due to improper oral routine.
  4. To prevent tumour, cyst and jaw damage.

We understand that teeth are the primary features of a smile and that’s why we do not rush into removing them. A series of tests are conducted to make sure that teeth removal is necessary and is safe to be carried out.

  1. Root canal treatment Melbourne

Sometimes tooth removal can be avoided all along and the problem can be fixed with the help of root canal treatment Melbourne. Root canal treatment is carried when the pulp (interior of teeth) either become inflamed or infected. 

The root canal treatment is carried out in 5 steps:

Step 1: After applying local anesthesia an opening is made in the tooth from the top towards the pulp.

Step 2: Canals are filled with disinfecting fluid to kill any bacteria and rinse out debris.

Step 3: With the help of surgical instruments, the pulp is removed and then the canals are shaped carefully.

Step 4: The canals are sealed, and the cavity is filled with a temporary filling until you revisit.

Step 5: In your next visit, the tooth is completely restored by removing the temporary and replacing it with a permanent filling or a crown.

The fillers used at Melbourne Dental Family Clinic are clinically safe and compatible with everyday use. In most cases, a tooth with a root canal treatment lasts a lifetime.

  1. Holistic Dentistry

We believe that overall wellness begins from the mouth and that is what holistic dentistry is all about. Holistic/Biological dentistry focuses on the mind and the body and not just repairing and restoring aspects of teeth.

Holistic dentistry does not encourage the use of traditional amalgam fillings. These fillings contain substances like mercury in a significant amount which over a long period and exposure can be harmful to health. Also, these treatments are believed to be temporary treatments and the problems are expected to resurface again.

If you too believe that the health of our body affects our oral health then you must visit Melbourne Dental Family Clinic to experience the finest holistic dentists Melbourn banks on. 


A general dentist offers general oral health services and deals with oral problems at an early stage. Before going to a dental specialist, it is wise to visit a general dentist Melbourne. By visiting a general dentist regularly all the symptom can be kept in check and you can retain good oral health.

Keep your smile intact, untouched by the maliciousness of any oral disease.

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